Designed to immerse students in the fundamental
concepts of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Identify fundamental aspects of entrepreneurial thinking. Compare and contrast entrepreneurial versus conventional ways of thinking and analyze the outcomes of each.

Demonstrate critical thinking skills that will enable you to identify and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities.

Gain the knowledge and develop entrepreneurial skills that will enable you to transform an entrepreneurial idea into a sustainable success.

Develop entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors and skills that can be applied across disciplines and as a means of personal empowerment.

Identify and interact with local entrepreneurs and business owners within your own community who can become potential mentors and advisors.

Establish goals, identify resources and manage risks in real-world unpredictable circumstances.

What To Expect

Discussion: Lesson-specific classroom discussions facilitated by the instructor are designed to foster student-to-student interaction and develop critical thinking skills.

Reflection and Response Assignments: These assignments are designed to encourage you to reflect on what you have learned and how it can be applied to your individual circumstances.

Application Assignments: These assignments are designed to immerse you in real-world experiences that will enable you to develop entrepreneurial skills.