The old adage: “You’re only as good as the people you hire” remains true for all businesses, especially in the world of small businesses who are forced to fight for their survival on a daily basis. BUT hiring good people is not enough on its own. You also have to give those people the support to develop their skills and do their best work. That’s where WJLI comes in.

Due to limited resources, many small businesses do not provide the same kind of structured training plans that larger companies can afford to provide. It is difficult for smaller businesses to employ full time staff with the sole responsibility of providing on-going training to their employees; however, WJLI is prepared to partner with you, on an as-needed basis, to facilitate affordable, customized training for every phase of your business.

Our relationship begins with WJLI learning the overall goals of your company, as well as any targeted department within your business. Our staff will create customized training plans designed to consistently achieve those goals and our instructors will present those plans to your staff whenever we are called upon to do so. This approach allows the business owner to:

  1. Guide and approve the development of the plans;
  2. Utilize a vested third-party to present those plans;
  3. Reap the benefits of a more structured approach to the business without the financial burden of full time staff to provide said training.
  4. Win-win- win!!!

Contact our founder today at or give our office a call at 864-244- 1017 to arrange an initial meeting.