The Challenge Courses

Wendell Jones, Founder and CEO  

See Clearly.
Live Powerfully

and achieve extraordinary results

The Wendell Jones Leadership Institute was created to motivate, challenge and develop leaders in both the religious and secular arenas.  It is our belief that leadership principles are universal, having the ability to create success in any arena.  We also believe them to be transformational, having the ability to radically change a human life.

We present the possibilities of life along with very practical roadmaps to achieve success.  We believe that if we can present these principles in bite-sized pieces, our students will become highly motivated at the realization of how doable “success” can be.

We have come to realize that progress is often impeded by self-imposed limitations.  Because of this, our coursework requires introspection that leads to a decision to press beyond the places where we’ve previously quit.  YOU will be asked to shatter your limitations while we challenge you to be your best self.

After we’ve convinced you of your capabilities, it becomes time to build, time to implement and time to execute.  At this stage, WJLI accepts the challenge of showing you how to develop the life you desire…not in theory but reality.